Peace4pits recap, T-shirts, and Signatures!

Peace 4 Pits’ annual fund-raiser Rock Out For Rescues, was awesome!  As always the silent auction had a bunch of amazing stuff.  I bought more art than I have wall space for, so my girl friend got a bunch of Christmas presents.  Also ended up with a printing gift card, and a nice gift basket from The Native!  It was a fun way to spend a day with friends and like minded people.

My dog Apache decided he was people and wanted to sit on the skinny picnic table benches and not-super-strong-chairs.  For a German Shepherd this is not an easy task and he constantly looked like he was about to fall. I asked him why he was doing that, and he just looked at me like I was the idiot, so I let it go.

Sitting in chairs like people.

The other big news of the day was I got the “Trevor Grant for First Ward” T-shirts in.  Aren’t they great?!  Since I’m going to be wearing one every day between now and February 26th (election day), I really went first class on the cotton.  A big shout out to Propaganda Printing for doing a bang up job!

How do they fit you ask? About like you’d expect.  Apache is also my t-shirt model, he is wearing a size L. (so am I, but he does a better job).

peace for pits
Who wore it better? Obvi, Apache did.

So how do you get one of these great t-shirts? The easiest way is to volunteer to help me get signatures! We (finally) started collecting signatures on October 8th, and got 190 out of our goal of 1500 (~13%)!  So if you see any of these gray shirts walking around the neighborhood, make sure to sign their petition- then tell all your friends to do the same.  Also as an aside if you sign the petition for any other alderman candidate of the first ward, you can’t sign mine! I think everyone deserves to be on the ballot, and I’ll usually sign those petitions with out too much research, but just something to keep in mind.

Getting signatures- Day1: 13% Complete!

Big Thanks to everyone who came out and those who have volunteered for upcoming drives.  Make sure you check out Peace4pits to see upcoming events, donate, and potential new best buddies!

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