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Bike Lane Uprising Birthday Party!

Sorry for last minute update, I just learned about this.  There’s a really cool organization called Bike Lane Uprising– they are a crowd sourced passion project by Christina Whitehouse is in essence maintains a database of user reported bike lane obstructions (think Uber, FedEx, other cars, etc.) and then displays maps showing trouble intersections and repeat offending vehicles.

You should definitely check their website out and learn more, but tonight they are having a 1 year birthday party at 825 N. Milwaukee tonight.  Click here to register.  There’s going to be beer! pizza! silent auction! data (from Bike Lane Uprising)! and friends!

Hope to see y’all there! Look for me in my swanky new campaign t-shirt (hopefully).



Trailing Political Slug: Alderman have a lot of power to make streets and bicycling safer for everyone, and the First Ward deserves an Alderman who cares about people more than profits.

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