Rockout4Rescues Fundraiser

Peace for Pits, a non-profit dedicated to finding homes for pitbull dogs, is hosting their annual fund raiser next Friday (September 29th) at ACTIVE! Dog Care and Day Boarding. The fund raiser is called “Rock Out for Rescues” and for $35 online / $45 at the door you get an afternoon of taco-bar, Revolution beer, rock and roll, and hanging out with your best buddy (or a chance to meet a new best buddy if you don’t already have one).

I know there’s a lot of Octoberfests going on next weekend, but this is in the afternoon (1:30pm-6:00pm). They also have a silent auction and raffle. Last year I got this amazing Chicago palate board flag (in the silent auction).

This thing is large.

Here’s a picture of me at the kissing booth with my dog (no, he’s not adopted- long story).

Screenshot from 2018-09-19 10-58-33
Last Year w my doge Apache.

What does this have to do with politics? The first ward is a very dog friendly community, for some breeds. Unfortunately, other breeds (read pit bulls, German shepherds, etc.) are unfortunately discriminated against.  Raising community awareness, and encouraging people to adopt, train, and love these little guys is the only way to change that.

See you at rockout4rescues,


NOTE: Peace For Pits, and Rockout 4 Rescues is in no way affiliated with my campaign, it’s just a cause I believe in and I want to raise awareness.

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